My Dear Bosses (a.k.a MDB2)

title screen

Lately we have been overwhelmed with developing My Dear Boss 2. As for this was a popular game, people are expecting a much better sequel. That’s why we have made a MEGA sequel:
- Average play time is 60 – 120 minutes or more! That will depend on your strategy
- 2 Bosses, 4 levels = twice the fun
- Loads of upgrades to keep you busy and keep coming back
You’ll find just-one-more-launch moment when playing this game.
- Loads of new minigames: The Bulldog, Angry Chick fans, Phone Booth etc
- Loads of hidden easter-eggs!

Nah, you don’t really expect us to spoil the fun for you and spill out the secrets, do you?

If those are not enough, you’ll also get a new mode made available by people’s demand: ENDLESS mode!
Key features of ENDLESS:
- As the label says, it’s ENDLESS
- Beat the challenges to earn Points
- Spend your hard earned points to buy upgrades
- And the tricky part is: You don’t get all points to buy all the upgrades so it’s up to your strategy to boot your boss further!
- And the most fun feature: Upload your high score to compete with friends all over the world!

upgrade screen

Awesome redefined UI!

Is that it, you asked?

Well overall, the graphical presentation has been much improved and we have added much much more elements in this new game. You’ll also see many surprises that you don’t find in the original title.

A picture draws a thousand words, so let’s just look at some awesome screenshots:


What about a thousand frames of pictures, you say? That would make a VIDEO!

Check out the DEMO video here:



Hey, it’s been long time!

Lots of have happened: We have released hilarious run n jump game Flirty Franky (see trailer), cute shooter game Zomvee and the awesome Vanish Rain! We’ll go through the game one by one below.


Flirty Franky

This is one of our favorite game despite it is.. Well, not very successful. The game was inspired by games from similar genre like the iOS game Oven Break (This is the first time we mention an external link in our blog! I feel good and bad at the same time!).

Oven Break in our opinion is very entertaining yet challenging. With Flirty Franky, we want to achieve at least the same result as Oven Break. And it turns out that we indeed love the final result more than anyone (you bet!). Sadly, the game didn’t get as much love from other players. Anyhow, if you haven’t tried it, you should give it a shot here. I insist! (pleaaase)



This is our first attempt in entering that huge zombie games niche. Which eventually turns out to be a bad idea. A quick game that turns out to be plain incomplete! Like a vegetarian pizza without green pepper! A world without Steve Jobs! A family without a wife nagging you just about anything! Transformers 3 without Megan Fox!

We initially wanted to make a quick game that could be enjoyed in 10-15 minutes. But then it’s too late in later development when we realized that there are things missing here and there. But hey, at least we managed to publish the game just about several days after the game is completed, so it’s not so bad!

For curious souls, you may proceed with the game just to taste a bit (or all) of it.


Vanish Rain!

Finally we re-evaluate our approach in creating a nice zombie shooter game. In short, the discussion was:

A: “Why don’t we make a cool zombie game with real weapons and (almost) realistic, rather hot female character?”

B: “Add that with a good storyline, we could definitely get a win!”

C: “Loads of weapons, zombies and a bad-ass boss battle! That should do it!”

And so yeah, (again) we eventually ended up shrinking the game from a pretty large zombie game with a good storyline into a pretty average zombie shooter game with opening and ending slides.

Pluses of the game:

- We have zombies that walk, run, jump, holding weapon and smartly equip themselves with armors :D

- Also huge tough zombies and a bad boss with special abilities

- 15 unlockable weapons with varying parameters

- 15 days of hell (the game is pretty tough that you would pull your hair at some point of the game)

- 8 challenge modes (again, hair puller levels) and a bonus survival mode where you can compete your high scores with other people

- No, we don’t have zombies that moan so this game is safe for minors

Only for brave souls and those who won’t get tired easily doing lots of clicking: Follow this link to play the game on Kongregate!


Spartacus is back  with a new epic battle. Spartacus 2 “the Beginning“ tells the story of Spartacus in  Ludus the Training Hell. This is the place where there is no fear, hesitation, pity or any other emotions. Only two words – Die or Survive.  A place where only the best man survive  can get a chance to fight as a gladiator and live longer.

The all new Spartacus 2 game poster. Does the character seem familiar?

Spartacus the Beginning comes with much improvements over the previous Spartacus 1 “First Blood”. With a hotfix added to the core gameplay: Move Cancellation, now you can fight any enemies in front of you and at your back at the same time. You can quickly override the commands you are carrying by pressing a new button. For example, just tap the opposite direction to cancel any movements that you don’t want.

Spartacus 2 also comes with new weapons and  armors, 8 main missions and additional 16 submissions with a total of 24 different challenging missions. There’s also all-new 15 achievements,  5  special items that can increase your battle status, 5 all-new engaging Cinematics and many more. This new fighting experience shall be provided before you soon, so prepare to be entertained by our new fascinating game, Spartacus 2 The beginning.


  • WASD / arrow keys  - Move
  • Z/J                                  – LIGHT ATTACK
  • X/K                                 – HEAVY ATTACK
  • C/H                                – DEFEND
  • V/L                                 – PICK WEAPON
  • SPACE                           – SPECTATOR RUSH
  • P                                     – PAUSE BUTTON


Game Features:

  • All-new game story and background
  • Move cancellation
  • Knock down system
  • 15  types of weapons, and 9 types of armors
  • 8 main mission, and additional 16 submissions with total 24 challenging missions
  • 5 all-new engaging Cinematics
  • 5 Special items
  • 15 hard achievements
  • New AI behaviour
  • Major Performance Improvement
  •  Epic Graphics!
Update 11/05/11: The game is under development and about to be finished soon. While Spartacus 1 is being prepared for its premiere publishing, the sequels are already planned up by our dev team. This sequel will not be available until the first series comes around.

Want the freshest, juiciest news from our development studio? I can hear you say yes (pleaseeee..)! So let me give you a little sneak peak of our latest game “Last Guardian”.


 The story of Last Guardian sets in a  far far far world (definitely far from this world) away from reality. Once, there was a rumour of a secret scroll that possess the ultimate power which can grant anyone the power of destruction. Those who use this secret scroll will be the conqueror of the world. The rumour finally reach the Dark Lord. Who is the Dark Lord? He is ……… hahaha SECRET.


So let’s continue…. The Dark Lord is so obsessed with the secret scroll and he starts to attack all kingdoms to find that secret scroll. All Kingdoms were attacked and conquered, and the only left kingdom is The Kingdom of Origaming (sounds familiar?). All people were living in a terrific condition and hope for the long forgotten hero that once defeat the Dark Lord to come again. The Kingdom of Origaming is in danger, will the hero come for the second time and defeat the Dark Lord? Or will the Dark Lord fulfill his ambition to conquer the world and bring  despair to human kind?

check our trailer here

That’s it! Interesting?? You have to play this game to find out the whole story. Next is about the game features.  Here are the list of features in this game

-          Awesome Graphics

-          25 Days Challenge

-          62 Waves in Total

-          3    Bosses Encounter

-          25 Achievements Including 7 Secrets Achievements

-          25 Challenging Objectives

-          34 Upgrades

-          5   Unlockable summons

-          8   Types of enemies

-          Headshot feature

Is it enough? Is it challenging enough? If not, then let me tell you there will be new features that are under development. Sorry can’t tell much more right now but I promise the game will get even more challenging and fun. i think that’s all for today, so  stay tuned for other information regarding Last Guardian. See ya around!


Don’t Cheat!!!!”

 I believe that’s what comes out from every teacher’s mouth in this world, including yours. The next question is, “Have you ever cheated in an exam?” Yes or no? For those who say yes, the next question is, “Do you want to cheat again?” And for those who say no, your question is, “Do you want to try it?” Hahaha

Cheating in any situation, for whatever reason is not a good deed indeed because it is an act of a coward. For instance, people are trying hard for the exam, but some individuals preferred a shortcut by cheating. Shockingly, they get the same result with those who have been trying hard. Is it fair enough?

Definitely no, we don’t support this kind of behavior and we hope you don’t cheat in your real life. However, if you want to try the sensation of cheating in a game, then we encourage you to play “Cheat in 60 seconds”. Why? Because it’s fun and it doesn’t has any connection with your exam result. Your teacher won’t be mad at you. No score deduction, so need to worry.

 Herewith, we are happy to announce that our game “Cheat in 60 seconds” has been launched recently. You can check out the link below

 Cheat in 60 seconds, is a sequel based on our family game “Cheating Exam“, you can check out Cheating Exam here

 In “Cheat in 60 seconds”, your objective is to toss answers to your friend as many as you can in 60 seconds. The control system is really simple, just use your mouse to select the grid, and toss the answer to your friend. Don’t forget! Try your best not to get caught by that damn hot teacher because she will make you regret. Get the highest score before the times up, and challenge your friend to see who got more skills in “Cheat in 60 seconds”.

 As what we have written above, we never encourage you to cheat, so please don’t cheat in your real life, being naughty for some cases is okay, but cheating people for any reason is a really bad behavior. So, whenever you feel want to cheat, don’t cheat in your real life, just play this game. Okay folks?  We are waiting for your good and sincere feedback. Thank you.


September 20, 2011 | In: Game Announcements

Time to be a bad fellas

Hi guys, it’s been a while, how‘s your day? We are almost there to finish our newest shooting game and guess what it will be available very soon for you, awesome folks. Let us give you a little information about our shooting game. Commonly, we play as the good guy in a game but this one is a bit different. We will be the bad guy kickin’ the good guys.  Don’t worry, we won’t eat any girls or cook any kids in the game. Curious? Here is a little spoiler for you, check it out!


Yeah! From the title, you can see it’s a zombie themed game but don’t yawn yet! This time, it is not about shooting zombies like Evil Resident, The Stand Last or whatever. You won’t shoot any lame brainless zombies here. So what then you asked?? Check out this screenshot !


 You will play as Zomvee, a deadly virus that has the ability to turn human into a zombie. Your goal is to help Zomvee zombifying a poor human. You will travel around the human’s brain, kill all the good cells, beat all the antibodies and you’ll see an unexpected ending you’ve never seen before in any Zomvee game (simply because this is the first Zomvee game).

The control system is simple, use mouse to aim and shoot, WASD keys to move and avoid good cells. Each time you kill a cell, it drops some beads. Collect them to level up and you will get skill points which can be used to upgrade your Zomvee to be stronger.  And…….  Oops, I have told you too many that we must kill you now. *Kidding*. It won’t be so much surprise anymore if we tell you all about Zomvee. We gotta keep the rest as a secret. So better wait and be the first one to play it. Stay tuned !


It has been a busy week and we nearly have no time to update anything to our web or blog. Well, that’s half the truth there. We also feel lazy to update news over our daily routines here.

Without further ado, this post is about our new game (yes, another spoiler of a not-yet-released game):

Flirty Franky!

From the game’s name, you’d already guess it right that this would be an awesome hilarious game. Here’s the game description:

Flirty Franky has a habit of, well as his name says, flirting with girls. He loves checking out hot chicks from his pacebook account using his awesome handroid phones.

Until one day, his life changes… As three different hot chicks approve to blind date him! But to get his true love, he must run a dramatic thousand miles and go through a dozen of uneven obstacles.


The game features a very easy control scheme: Use only two of your fingers (you feet’s fingers, your friend’s fingers, any two fingers will do).

A, Z, 4, Keyboard-UP to Jump
D, /, 6, Keyboard-DOWN to Slide


The game’s video trailer is right below:

Please let us know what you think! :)


June 20, 2011 | In: Mumblings

Our 1st Anniversary!

Approaching our first anniversary!

The first time doing something is always exciting (if not terrifying). Remember the first time you hold your boy/girlfriend’s hands? The first time you play with your new expensive gadget? Or the first time you code a game with the irritating C++ engine? Well, the examples went too far, but you know what I mean. 1st anniversary of anything is just special in many ways, it commemorates the best things that you have gone through all that year.

12 months have passed since our company is first established back then. From a one man band (we really had only 1 man back then in the first month we started) into 15 people team took lots of  time and hard work. In 12 months time we have proudly finished 6 flash games: Minerva – Dual Destiny, Cheating Exam, Whispers – Room 6, Ran Ran, Monstrosity – Nightcrawler Menace, My “Dear” Boss and now finishing a new beat ‘em up game. And also our first casual game is now in agile production. We’re now pushing most of our resources to finish the game quickly!

We still have so many to learn and though we’re taking small baby steps, we know that one day we could achieve what we aimed for: to become a leading game studio and deliver great titles to the world!


Our new and very first beat ‘em up game is coming very soon!

It’s called Spartacus – First Blood and it’s bloody awesome!

The game will feature:
1. 8 challenging levels
2. Well animated characters
3. Violence and gore like you’d see in Hollywood movies!
4. Enjoyment when you finish off your opponents with the awesome finishing moves


Here’s the video trailer!


Link to the youtube video:

Spartacus – First Blood teaser


Welcome to our official blog!

This marks our move from our old HTML based blog to WordPress and a promise to deliver news more regularly. (We were in fact a little lazy updating stuff without a decent CMS like the one WordPress offers)

Now that we have  a wider space and a neat place, we would use it properly to deliver news related with our projects. It is now easier for us to update stuff and also give our followers better readability at the same time, now that’s what I call Improvement!

Want to see how much better we could create games? Come check this page regularly!



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